Subject: This Week at Medford UMC -- March 20. 2020

This week at Medford UMC for {today}.

A Word from the Pastor

Friends - 

These are times unlike any we've lived through. I don't know about you, but I'm still just trying to get my feet under me, trying to figure out what routines are going to help me get through, and how I can continue to be productive and helpful when we have to keep creating and re-creating our contingency plans. I have a strong sense that even our plans for this Sunday will dramatically change in the next 24 hours. It's really difficult until we all find our new normal.

So, I feel for teachers who are struggling to take their classes on-line and students who are working hard to maintain focus. If you know parents, especially parents of young elementary kids right now, reach out to them and check on their sanity...this is not easy! Take some time on this Friday to rest and recoup.

I also feel for everyone who can't work from home and whose livelihood is being affected by what's happening. There are many businesses and industries that are suffering mightily now and will continue to struggle for some time to come.

My heart especially goes out to those who are "essential" employees - our healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store and food service workers, transit employees, cleaning people, and so many others who are unsung heroes in this crisis. Pray particularly for health care workers who are running short of masks, gloves and other items essential to infection control, and who for the foreseeable future may go home to hotel rooms instead of their houses in order to protect their families.

Truly this is a time for prayer. We'll get through this. God is here, going before us, walking alongside us. Take time in these days to reach out and talk and text with people you care about. Check in with each other. We need to find ways to continue being socially and spiritually connected, even as we are physically distant.

I'm not sure what worship will look like on Sunday - whether we'll be live, pre-recorded or what, but there will be content on our Facebook feed Sunday at 9:30. Join us!

Peace, Joe


Limited Church Office Hours

During this time as government officials are urging us all to stay at home, we are closing the office to outside visitors. Staff will be in the office at various times during the week to process mail, make deposits, and ensure sure bills continue to be paid. However, we will largely be working from our homes. Please feel free to continue calling the church’s number – our voicemail system lets us know when there are new messages – and you also have the option to reach the pastors’ cell phones in case of emergency. The main phone number is 609/654-8111: dial extension 101 for Pastor Joe and 102 for Pastor Kathleen. If you wish, you can dial Pastor Joe directly on his cell at 908/399-7435.


Sunday Worship

Please join us Sunday at 9:30 am for worship through Facebook Live. It's as easy as visiting at 9:30 am. Or, you can connect through our app (Media>Live Stream). You do NOT need a Facebook account to watch our live stream, but you DO need an account to comment on or like our content.  


Your Financial Support is Essential

Even though much of our programming is on hold while we figure out the best ways to do things virtually, the work of the church – sharing hope, caring for people and forming disciples – continues. We continue to live our mission to love God, serve people and transform lives. Now is a good time to consider online giving. Visit our webpage at or through our app (Give Now).


March Madness Easter Food Drive

Our gifts to those experiencing food insecurities is especially important today. So, while there is no basketball to watch on television, our March Madness Easter Food Drive in support of the Turning Point Food Pantry and Christian Caring Center goes on! You'll continue to receive weekly updates by video message (click here to watch the latest installment). 

We are making changes to the way we're collecting this year in hopes of keeping all of us healthy. To donate food, please click here. It's just like online grocery shopping, except the food will be delivered to our ministry partners. Monetary donations can be made through the church website, or through our app (Give Now). Simply select "Easter Food Drive" from the list. Those funds will be used to purchase Acme Gift Cards and extra food items. Of course, you may mail a check to the church as well, please indicate "Easter Food Drive" in the memo line.

Please do not bring food items to the church building as no one will be available to pack, sort and deliver the items. Your continued generosity to this food drive is very appreciated.



Both the Rise Against Hunger meal packing event originally schedule for this weekend and the UMC General Conference set for May have been postponed. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Click here to read the release from the UM News service regarding General Conference. 


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